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Much Work To Do!

It is so relieving and gladdening to finally be able to share what God has been giving back this past couple of years (after He has been allowed to purge, and correct, and instruct, and chasten). The removing of self or flesh are necessary to allow us to receive the grace and truth that God purposes for our lives. We trust and pray that God will open His Word to you in new and enlightening ways. Please have patience as we stumble through the technology to re-establish the site with the new contents. We will also be building a better home page, and these comments will then go to a blog page, but for now getting topics and scripture references posted is top priority. We will also find how to install the menu and sub-menu better so that the long dropdown lists that are occurring now can be avoided.

We have concentrated on getting the site back up, but have seen that review and modifications are needed: for instance, verses where the words of Jesus in red were lost in uploading, or where the original typing did not capitalize personal pronouns for God. We will undertake these corrections over time, and appreciate your patience.

When we repent and turn to God there are things that are obviously sin that God brings us through. Then, as we get closer to Him, He shines light on the lesser things that we did not realize were unrighteous. As God has purged and revealed these things, it has often felt like it has made bare my soul. If you can recognize that in what God has lead me to write, ask God to reveal these things in your own life as He prepares you for spiritual warfare.

Why Multiple Books?

As we grow in God, there is a continuing progression in the spiritual thinking. For instance, in relation to how big God is, the exhortation with Building the Child of God initially focuses on physical comparisons, while Building the man of God looks closer at the attributes of God: the power, the presence, the knowledge, and the love of God. Army of the Lord of Sabaoth then looks closer at how those attributes are available and to be used in our walk and warfare: the grace, the righteousness, and the love of God. There is also a continuing progression in the realization of who we were, who we are, and who we can be in God, if we can find greater hearing, humbleness, and obedience. After the years of discipleship with Jesus, He still told them, I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. (John 16:12) Despite the physical things they had seen and done, they had not yet fully become spiritual warriors. The guidance, power, assurance, and leading of the Spirit were needed. Consider the belief that Peter had in His self, declaring what he could or would do, and his subsequent failure: then alternatively consider the victories when he was full of, and yielding to, the Spirit. A complete walk in the Word and the Spirit are a necessity for The Warfare.

You may also recognize that you have read or looked at a specific scripture numerous times before in prior writings: realize that each scripture can provide numerous points, additional depth, and edifying for your growth and understanding. If you are spiritually open to it, you can often receive new truth and greater depth from a scripture: physical comparisons of this depth of the Word are made to the layers of an onion, or to a seven layer cake. For Millennials to understand, it might be more appropriate to compare it to a video game that has increasing levels of acquired skill as they conquer each level. But know and understand that this spiritual receiving is only in God: it is in His will, His timing, and for His purpose.