The Master's Walk
Building The Child Of God

We have compiled the prior exhortations into book form as Building the Child Of God. The individual items are all still available to the right, but site changes have baen made to accommodate additional site content. The book form of Building The man Of God and the individual exhortations for it have also been uploaded, as well as some information and photographs on Monica Carter.

If any of these bless you, please e-mail us.

Book Form Building The Child Of God
Are You Puzzled Spiritually?
Word Puzzle
Sea of Flesh
Sea of Flesh Forward, Introduction
Sea of Flesh Scriptural Basis
Sea of Flesh Recognizing the Enemy
Sea of Flesh Come Out of the Sea
Sea of Flesh Embrace the Warfare
How Big Is Your God?
Misplaced Grace
Great Grace
Grace to ...
Ask for Grace
Vile Affections
Strong's Key for Vile Affections Romans 1:26
Of The Earth, Earthy
Fountain Of Two Calves
But the High Places
The Anointing Calls You
Where is the Lord God of Elijah
Kingdom Living - Paul's Example
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