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I have felt led to share a testimony of what happened when this web page was formed. God had given the Sea of Flesh to me over several years, and had then prompted me to complete it and post it. I had lost my job, and was looking for work to support my family, but the time off gave ample time to complete what God led me to write.

Then I purchased the web domain and site, but could not understand how to post to the site. I procrastinated, telling God I did not know the technology and could not do it. I asked him to provide someone to set it up, but God expected me to do it. During all this time I remained unemployed, and had to close my 401K, as well as borrow, to meet financial needs. Several open doors for work opportunities slammed shut. I was unemployed for eleven months.
God woke me at 4 a.m. one March morning in 2010 with an urgency that the site must be posted with what seemed an “or else”. I again reminded him that I couldn't, but because of the urgency and fear, I returned to the computer to try. If you read the above again you can see that up to that point there had been too much “I”.
When entering the hosting site it was amazing to find they had just provided new software to create a web page that was very user friendly. By early that afternoon the page was posted. By 7 p.m. that same night a phone call came from an unexpected source that resulted in a job! Often an obedience check is needed if you are not producing for God. Hopefully this edifies and exhorts those God intends it for.
While the immediate thought was that the job was a reward for obedience, it was actually more steps in the path of being made by God. The job separated me from home, and unto God, during the week, and resulted in me having more time with God. The distractions and complacency were gone, and God began to prepare and build, and open the word for me like “I” had never known!

“I” had read previously of a man who said he had read the Bible through a hundred times, and God each time revealed new truths to him. “I” made it a goal, and was finishing my fortieth time through the Bible when God told me to stop doing that; stop receiving the way “I” determined, and let him put the Word in as he wanted. The obedience of changing allowed him to open my spiritual eyes and ears to the Word, and remove more of the “I” that was entrenched in me. What this taught is that humbleness is a lifelong process. “I” would have said “I” was a humble person before all these changes God made in me.

As another testimony, there was concern at one point that “I” would become prideful after some of the word and messages God had given me to post. The glory is all his, so I asked him to help me become more humble. It was as if the windows of heaven closed. The Word of God is often like a layer cake, and he will reveal more and more to you as you get in the Word. However, while “I” kept reading, and still remained in the Word, “I” received nothing for several weeks. There was nothing new in the word; nothing new revealed to me; nothing to write. God was showing me it is never the man, but the Jesus in the man. After some time the one page of word and notes that existed of what he had previously been giving (it is being posted with the site changes; "Of the Earth, Earthy") was read again. It's truths brought awe of what God had given! Natural man cannot spiritually see to author the things of God, but the Spirit can provide as it is written down; this was so humbling! We must understand that he is our sufficiency; our part is only obedience. May God strengthen and teach you obedience!

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