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Are You Puzzled Spiritually?

Are You “Puzzled” Spiritually?

Driving on my nearly five hour commute to work one week, the thought came about how often my spiritual walk felt like putting together a thousand piece puzzle. While there were feelings of great blessing in many areas spiritually, there were always areas where I never seemed to have it together and felt failure (the enemy condemning) because of it. God began giving me comparisons;
  • None of the pieces seem to match at the start.
  • When only a few pieces are in place it doesn’t look like much.
  • There are many choices and decisions, but only one is correct for each place.
  • Try, try, try again.
  • Patience, persistence, and perseverance are required.
  • It is much easier if you have help (and God is always ready to give it when we ask).
  • The more of the final picture that you can see, the more blessed and satisfied you feel.
  • It often gets easier as you near completion, since you have fewer choices when God is in control.
  • How many get frustrated, quit, and throw it back before they are done.
  • Realize that you are the puzzle. No matter what stage of completion you are at, you, the puzzle, are still no taller than the first piece. Be humble and give God the glory for what he has done in you.
  • Never try to stand yourself up for man to see, this is pride, and, like trying to stand up a puzzle, your pieces will fall apart. Remain a humble work of God and let only him look down on what you have become. Your reward in heaven will be great.

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