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Sea of Flesh


Please use the sections on the right to read the text. All together it will be about two hours of reading that we hope and believe will bless you in your walk with the Master, Jesus.

Sea of Flesh

Upon posting the Sea of Flesh, the thought occurred to check if anyone else had posted using that phrase. It was shocking to have the search engine indicate it had 39,500,000 hits! Due to the language in the some of the first ten hits shown by the search engine it was obviously prudent to look no further. But it brings up an interesting observation; if the world and the enemy acknowledge the Sea of Flesh, why doesn't the church?

This is the first reading, because the natural man cannot receive the things of God. We need to come out of things that prevent our receiving in the Spirit. Do not be deceived that you are not in the sea of flesh; after being with Jesus for several years Peter still began to sink on the water due to doubt, fear, and lack of faith. As you read this, please allow God to reach your heart and give you a greater desire for righteousness, consecration, sanctification, holiness and ultimately perfection.

The Scriptural Basis section gives a background based in scripture for the Sea of Flesh. If you find you need a spiritual boost, leave the section, move on to Recognizing the Enemy, and come back when you can receive it.

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Sea of Flesh
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Sea of Flesh Scriptural Basis
Sea of Flesh Recognizing the Enemy
Sea of Flesh Come Out of the Sea
Sea of Flesh Embrace the Warfare
How Big Is Your God?
Misplaced Grace
Great Grace
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